Dear friends!

We are delighted to invite you to the dance lessons at the Univercal-dance choreographic school-studio! Located in Copenhagen, our school welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds, united by their love and interest in dance. The curriculum, designed for both children and adults, follows the canons of the Russian choreographic tradition. Our goal is not to turn everyone into a ballet star but to help individuals achieve specific results, such as improved posture, graceful walk, or mastery of diverse dance techniques.

These outcomes may lead to participation in national and international creative competitions, festivals, and selection contests held by specialized institutions. Training at our school can also prepare you for family celebrations, surprise friends or colleagues with dance skills at corporate events, or organize performances and flash mobs.

The curriculum at Univercal-dance is crafted by Valery Shvetsov, a choreographer from Perm. Perm has a rich history in the world of arts, closely tied to names like Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Sergei Pavlovich Dyagilev. The Perm School of Classical Dance is well-known for its emphasis on execution style, meticulous hand movements, specific graceful posture, and more. Renowned ballet artists, including Nadezhda Pavlova, Olga Chenchikova, Lyubov Kunakova, and Marat Daukaev, have studied and worked in Perm.

Vsleriy Shvetsov has an extensive background as a teacher at the Choreography Department of Perm Academy of Culture and Arts and Perm Professional Pedagogical College. He is a laureate of various international and Russian choreographic art competitions. As the artistic director, he led the creative team “Russian star,” authored numerous teaching programs in choreography, and actively performed across Europe and Southeast Asia.

Now, you and your children have the opportunity to absorb the dance expertise from the Perm-based choreography teacher. Classes are held at Danssal i Institut for Idræt og Ernæring KØBENHAVNS UNIVERSITET, Nørre Allé 51, 2200 København.