The Universe of Dance is dance courses for adults and children created according to the canons of the Russian choreographic school. We do not strive to make a ballet star out of everyone, but we are interested in each of our clients realizing their creative potential and discovering the joy and greatness of the dance universe. A wide range of directions and training programs, significant teaching experience, flexible pricing policy and convenient locations for classes are the main distinguishing features of our courses.

The training program was created by Valery Fedorovich Shvetsov, a Russian dancer and teacher of the Perm Academy of Culture and Art. The Perm school of classical dance is widely known not only in Russia. Its distinctive features are: special attention to the manner of performance, detailed study of hand movements, specific graceful posture, etc. Many outstanding ballet dancers were educated in Perm. Now you and your children have the opportunity to learn the dance experience from the Perm teacher of choreography. In addition to his significant teaching skills, Valery Fedorovich was actively involved in touring activities and performed on many stages in Europe and Southeast Asia. This experience motivated many of his students to pursue a successful dance career.