The dance palette of modernity will be incomplete if you do not talk about oriental dance. In every country of the East there are national dance systems. Today’s popularity of Oriental dances is mainly due to Arabic dances. The most famous among them was belly dancing or bellydance. In essence, this name is the result of the West’s creative borrowing of dance techniques that are widespread in the Middle East and in Arab countries. There are three main areas of belly dancing: Egyptian, Arabic and Turkish schools. The performance of dances in the Egyptian style is distinguished by greater chastity. For performance in the Arabic style is characterized by the use of loose hair. Turkish style is distinguished by great sensuality. Belly dance is the expression of the female «I», an art based on Eastern philosophy, which, with skillful performance, conquers the audience and brings joy and a lot of vivid impressions to the performer. Physically, belly dancing has a lot of “pluses”, it allows you to get rid of many ailments and diseases.