Classical dance is the pinnacle of dance art. It is in it that all the best achievements of world choreography are concentrated. This happened because the classics absorbed the most sophisticated and graceful movements of the folk and social dances of the past centuries, exposing them to development and improvement. This system was created gradually, approximately from the 17th century. Training in classical dance includes the study of the basic positions of the arms, legs, and the body, acquaintance with professional terms, as well as the history of the development of ballet, its various classical forms: studies, adagio, variations, etc. Many teachers and choreographers believe that classical dance forms the basic level of professional training that is necessary to prepare the body for various dance loads. In this case, the movements must be verified, have a clear pattern and be meaningful. They help to cope with disharmony figures, closer to the Greek standards of body beauty. In addition, the endurance, the will, is trained, the knowledge of the capabilities of one’s own body, the principles of the muscles and joints, the creative abilities are developed.